Engine management specialist and home to the Intermotor, Lemark and Lucas brands, SMP Europe, has developed its range of knock sensors with new, high-end references added to its product line.

Knock sensors detect pings or detonations within engine cylinders that are otherwise outside of the regular ignition cycle from the spark plug. The knock refers to the noise made when a secondary flame collides with the first.

The knock sensor detects these additional vibrations and noises from the cylinders, converting them into electronic signals sent back to the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). If knocks are detected, it can cause the vehicle to go into limp home mode.

At its Centre of Engineering Excellence in Nottingham, SMP Europe has developed an in-house manufacturing line with exacting quality control processes delivering high-end products for the aftermarket.

Martin Turner, marketing director at SMP Europe, said: “Developed under our Intermotor brand, our vehicle parc coverage for knock sensors is constantly increasing.

“Our unrelenting commitment to delivering quality parts is demonstrated in the range, with over 63 million of the European vehicle parc currently serviced by the product group that comprises 129 references.”

New parts engineered at SMP Europe are taken through numerous processes to ensure quality, with each component issued with a serialised certificate offering customers peace of mind.

SMP Europe’s team of experienced engineers have designed and produced in-house test and calibration machines to ensure fully accurate calibration and product reliability through extensive and exacting quality assurance methods.

For more information on SMP Europe and its Intermotor, Lemark and Lucas brands, visit: https://www.smpeurope.com/