Professional automotive technicians worldwide have reason to celebrate as the latest Snap-on® software release hits the market, promising to expedite the resolution of automotive enigmas. This cutting-edge release empowers technicians from the moment they power on, providing them with an unparalleled arsenal of tools and features designed to streamline diagnostics and ensure complete customer satisfaction.
With a myriad of new coverage and industry-exclusive features, this software release represents a quantum leap in diagnostic solutions, facilitating smarter repairs and happier customers.

Unveiling the Highlights:

2023 Model Year Updates: The software release includes updates for all available makes, encompassing prestigious names such as Alfa Romeo®, Audi®, Chrysler®, FIAT®, Hyundai®, Kia®, Lancia®, Land Rover®, Lexus®, Mazda®, MG®, Nissan®, Seat®, Skoda®, Subaru®, Toyota®, Volvo®, and VW®. Technicians can now tackle the latest automotive challenges with confidence.

Comprehensive Code Scan and Clear Codes: The release also incorporates a comprehensive 2023 code scan and clear codes for all makes, ensuring that no diagnostic stone is left unturned.

Remarkable Growth: The software boasts a significant 2-year growth, with a 21% increase in systems coverage, 30% growth in PIDS, and a 16% expansion in functional tests. This means technicians now have an even wider array of tools at their disposal.

Guided Component Tests: Perhaps the most ground-breaking addition is the introduction of over 400,000 engine systems through new and exclusive Guided Component Tests. This feature offers more than 70 topic-based training modules directly on the tool, further empowering technicians.

Extended Ford® Coverage: Ford® 16-bit security sees an increase in model coverage for 2019 and beyond, covering vehicles such as EcoSport, Fiesta, Mondeo, S Max/Galaxy, and the Transit range.

New Features and Enhancements:

• ZEUS+™ Enhancements: Battery-level viewing is made easier, ensuring technicians have a clear picture of their diagnostic tool’s power.
• SureTrack™ and Fast-Track® Enhancements: Intelligent Diagnostic tip user enhancements provide invaluable guidance, making diagnostic processes more efficient.
• Enhanced Readability: Enlarged component images offer enhanced readability on high-resolution products, eliminating any guesswork.

Beyond these exciting features, Snap-on® Diagnostics platforms come equipped with a range of tools designed to optimise the diagnostic process:

• Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics: This feature guides users step-by-step, showing relevant Real Fixes, highlighting out-of-range vehicle data, and providing filtered bi-directional tests, recalibrations, resets, and relearns specific to the task at hand.
• Security Link™: Direct access to vehicles is provided right from the scan tool for 2018 and newer FIAT Chrysler® (FCA) and Nissan® models.
• Ethernet Communications: Support with applicable accessories for relevant Jaguar® Land Rover® and Volvo® vehicles.
• Vehicle System and ADAS Recalibration Reports: These reports summarize diagnostic work for customers.
• Snap-on® Cloud Access: Enables secure online storage, retrieval, and sharing of vehicle systems reports, thermal images, and more.
• SureTrack® Access: Provides Real Fixes and verified parts replacement records.
• Guided Component Tests: Over 70 topics and hundreds of on-tool courses, including power user tests and how-to guides.
• Support Programs: A range of support options, including customer care, extended warranty, and free online training and support.

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This revolutionary Snap-on software release promises to be a game-changer for automotive technicians, allowing them to conquer automotive mysteries with unprecedented ease and efficiency.