Introducing the GYS Super Pro EV Charger: A Flexible and Affordable EV Charging Solution for Garages

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the need for a convenient and efficient charging solution becomes paramount. The conventional solution may be to install fixed charging points. Although this can be helpful, it does come at a price, and any EV that needs to be charged needs to be moved to that location. GYS has developed a new product that will charge EV’s and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV) from existing power points, without requiring a costly installation.

GYS are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW Super Pro EV Charger. Requiring no fixed installation, this portable EV charger operates on both single and three-phase power, and can charge at an impressive rate of up to 22kw (equivalent to approximately 70 miles of charge per hour).

“By moving the charger to the car rather than the other way around, the GYS EV Charger streamlines the charging process and eliminates unnecessary inconveniences. Its compatibility with a wide range of power outlets and ability to maximise charging rates make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable EV charging solution.”

– Kayley Parslow, GYS

The GYS Super Pro EV Charger is the perfect solution for any garage looking to offer efficient and hassle-free charging options for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Its flexibility and affordability make it an invaluable asset for businesses, particularly those with access to three-phase or high-current single-phase power supplies.

  • Key Features of the GYS Super Pro EV Charger:
  • Suitable for Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV) and full EVs
  • Supplied with 3 cables: single-phase 13A, single-phase 16A and three-phase power cables
  • Long reach cables for enhanced flexibility and ease of use
  • Time delay function to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates
  • Eliminates the need for costly fixed installations
  • Made in France

With a price of only £899, the GYS Super Pro EV Charger offers an unbeatable value for businesses seeking a reliable EV charging solution.

For more information, contact GYS on: GYS Ltd – 01926 338 609  Email: