Launched in May 2018 – UFODRIVE has grown rapidly across Europe as demand for its radically better clean rental grows. With operations now in Brussels, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Vienna and Dublin, this revolutionary service has re-engineered the car rental scene across Europe and now it’s coming to London.


Car rental has traditionally been associated with queues, excessive paperwork and nasty, hidden charges. UFODRIVE has banished these to re-invent car rental from the ground up, to offer a fast, automated, hassle-free solution which makes hiring a car a pleasure. 

Putting customers first, UFODRIVE deploys specially developed app-based technology to eliminate the frustration of conventional car rental and instead creates a unique and innovative experience.  UFODRIVE has put in place systems and communications to ensure that customers can easily recharge and reach their destination with sufficient battery power.

Underlying all of this is an unwavering focus on the customer experience. UFODRIVE removes the stress and lets you choose, find, inspect and sign for your car in 2 minutes, all with 24/7 dedicated support via our app.


Visitors to London, Business Travellers, City Dwellers, Car Enthusiasts and those wishing to try Electric Vehicles can now experience revolutionary electric mobility with Tesla, Hyundai, Audi and Jaguar amongst others planned. For London residents looking to avoid the cost of car ownership and for those who want a cleaner, quieter city, UFODRIVE provides a fast, simple solution with zero emissions! 


UFODRIVE’s award winning experience now in London.


The future of car rental is here. Find out more at