In probably the most difficult year for UK manufacturing since the 3-day week in 1974 we have seen a fall in industrial output in the order of 24% in March with a bounce back to minus 6% in October (compared to February). This has called for exceptional support from suppliers such as Essentra Components, at all levels, and continues to do so as we enter the recovery phase based on a traditional Autumn upturn. UK manufacturers and suppliers have once again shown themselves to be innovative and resilient.

This year Essentra Components explain that they have been fully operational throughout to support critical industries when it mattered most and support all of their customers with fast, hassle free service and over a billion parts in stock as they return to normality.

Over the year Essentra Components have been able to support efforts like the Ventilator Challenge by urgently providing components to Penlon Limited who found that as Mike Barlow Materials Manager explained “In a race against time, Essentra Components gave us a seamless, hassle-free experience. Their wide range of products, expertise and ability to meet our tight deadlines made them an easy choice to support our challenging project.”

Mark Crowther, Director, Custom Fittings had a similar experience “We appreciate when a solution works – that’s why we always work with Essentra. They offer a range of caps that do an outstanding job of protecting our fittings.”

Elsewhere customer feedback has echoed these sentiments:

“With Essentra we can rely on fast delivery, the whole process is well organised. They do indeed make it easier for their customers.” — Luuk Nijland, Management & Product development, Nijland Cycling and “We have a good partnership going on. I would recommend Essentra because they are flexible, they offer high-quality products and a wide range of components from stock.” – Ger Nijssen, Gebroeders Nijssen.

Now it is hoped that as an industry we can return to more normal patterns of business and Essentra Components are determined to continue their commitment to all customers dealing with Covid and Brexit in 2021.