Rotating electrics supplier and electric vehicle (EV) charging cable specialist, WAI, is urging EV owners to keep an eye on their charging cables following a spate of thefts across the UK.

Recent reports have seen increased thefts of EV charging cables with thieves selling on the cables as scrap metal, much like car parts such as catalytic converters.

WAI is encouraging EV owners to be vigilant when it comes to charging their electric car at home or out and about, as EV charging cables become the next hot product to be stolen, potentially leading to thousands of EV owners getting stranded.

Not only can EV charging cables be sold for scrap metal, but there is a “growing used cable market through online sites”, according to the AA. The AA also reported damage to, or theft of charging cables, is the biggest security concern drivers have when it comes to owning an EV.

WAI introduced an EV extension cable range to its product portfolio in 2021 in preparation for the future of mobility and to provide EV owners whose vehicle doesn’t come with a public charging cable as standard, an option to purchase one for charging at home.

Richard Welland, managing director at WAI says: “It’s important for EV drivers to think about charging cable security. It’s best to keep them stored or locked out of sight to stop opportunistic criminals seeing them and breaking into a vehicle to steal them.”

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