VLS has opened its 100th investigation after receiving concerns about a 10W-40 HDDO. Case VLS010201 is now under investigation regarding the product’s claims to meet an OEM specification, which was originally supported by the OEM for initial fill only.

This milestone 100th case comes on the back of VLS’s tenth anniversary year, during which it received the highest number of cases since 2015. A wide range of products have recently been investigated, including passenger car and light commercial vehicle engine oils, heavy duty engine oils, central hydraulic fluids, hydraulic oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, a universal tractor transmission oil and an aluminium synthetic cutting fluid.

Three cases are currently under active investigation. Many cases have been brought to a successful conclusion, resulting in affirmative action from the companies involved. Marketing claims have been amended, technical data sheets revised, products relabelled, and, in some cases, stock uplifted and removed from sale.

Jacquie Berryman, Chair of VLS, commented, “Over the past twelve months, the quantity and diversity of cases received is a testament to the work VLS has done to raise awareness of the importance of lubricant standards across all aspects of the UK lubricants industry.

The sector is navigating immense change in response to OEM design changes and the need to meet increasing emissions legislation. It’s more important than ever that we have a robust, anonymous process that holds lubricant producers or marketers to account and protects end users.”

You can keep up to date with VLS investigations at their website: https://ukla-vls.org.uk/.

Once a case is resolved, full details are published on the VLS website. If the Named Party does not take appropriate action after a reasonable period of time, the Secretariat publishes full details to the VLS website and refers the case to Trading Standards. Cases are reviewed after six months to confirm they are in continued compliance.