TyreSafe is delighted to announce that Fresh Drivers UK has joined its growing network of committed partners. Fresh Drivers UK, an organisation dedicated to supporting new drivers with essential road safety tips and information, brings a fresh, approachable and relatable approach to driver education.

Founded by Sophie Lyden, Fresh Drivers UK has quickly become a leading voice in promoting tyre safety and overall road safety for new drivers. Sophie is also the Manager of Morecambe-based Westgate Tyres and has a growing online presence on social media. Sophie also works in partnership with multiple other road safety organisations to raise the profile of appropriate tyre maintenance and safety.

Sophie’s dedication and innovative approach were recently recognised at this year’s TyreSafe Briefing, where she was honoured with the TyreSafe Online and Social Media Award. This accolade is a testament to her tireless efforts in educating and supporting drivers, both new and experienced, about the importance of tyre safety.

Sophie is known for her work in supporting people with garage anxiety, ensuring that everyone feels confident and informed when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Leveraging a range of social media channels, Sophie has successfully spread the tyre safety message to a wide and diverse audience.

TyreSafe Chair Stuart Lovatt, said “We are thrilled to welcome Fresh Drivers UK to the TyreSafe family. Sophie’s dedication to educating new drivers about tyre safety through innovative online and social media initiatives is truly inspiring. Her work not only helps to keep new drivers safe but also promotes a culture of responsibility and awareness that benefits all road users. Together, we look forward to making a significant impact on tyre safety education across the UK.”

Sophie Lyden, Founder of Fresh Drivers UK, shared her excitement about joining forces with TyreSafe, saying, “It’s an honour to be a member of TyreSafe. As someone that has worked in the tyre industry for over ten years, and managing a garage that is a TyreSafe supporter, it’s important that Fresh Drivers UK is also part of this community. As a collective, working together means we can raise the profile of tyres as a causational factor in road traffic incidents, working with the relevant authorities to create a safer environment for everyone. “

Fresh Drivers UK’s membership in TyreSafe marks a significant step forward in promoting tyre safety education across the UK. Together, we look forward to a safer future for all drivers, with a special focus on those just starting their driving journey.