TruTac, part of the Microlise Group, are rising to the challenges being met by fast-evolving EV fleets in the commercial transport and PSV sectors.

Managing Director Jemma James is committed to sustainability and outlines how the company’s product suite of data-driven compliance and asset management technology is being used to provide environmentally friendly solutions for electric-powered vehicle fleets.

Positioning TruTac as compliance leaders for the ‘Greenification’ of fleets and assets, the fleet management and compliance software designers are establishing themselves as the ‘go to’ experts for HGV, PSV and LCV transport.

According to TruTac, much of the work has already been done within the company’s existing software, enabling them to provide specific solutions for green fleet management and compliance. For example, within TruFleet, the maintenance and scheduling module, TruTac have added electric and alternative fuel icons.

TruFleet also contains customisable icons and cells which can easily be used for the maintenance and management of schedules for alternative fuelled vehicles. These have different maintenance requirements and safety checks, compared to standard combustion engine vehicles. They also require a different approach to training and driver H&S notices.

“We already capture CO2 emissions in vehicle data via our existing DVLA API,” comments Jemma James, “along with fully accurate mileage data, via the tacho. In fact, the combination of TruFleet and TruChecks already covers a lot of the elements for green compliance and sustainable fleet management.”

Bespoke solutions
Another example lies within TruChecks, whereby specific customisable templates cover the variety of different checks that need to be made on alternative-fuel vehicles. These include the ability to add documents and guidance regarding driver training, including how to charge or re-fuel, along with any additional or specific checks that may be needed.

“The solutions we provide aren’t just for vehicles”, continues Jemma, “we have many customers using them for various assets within an operation, such as electric FLT’s, gas-powered tools or hydrogen back-up power sources… the list is endless.”

In fact, says TruTac, anything requiring checks and maintenance which should be reported or audited can be logged, with a customisable template added through the system.

Compliance Control
From the compliance perspective, TruTac can provide comprehensive pre-drive checks; record and audit maintenance; vehicle usage and monitoring of any specific needs via the templates – such as battery top ups and charging equipment. Regarding safety, say TruTac, the system prescribes what to do in the event of fire or accident.

Additionally, full training is provided and H&S documents with guidance notes are sent out to drivers via the driver APP, for sign-off with confirmation of receipt within TruTac’s new TruDocuments premium module.

Moving their electrification technology forward, TruTac see their product suite evolving to meet the changing needs of the logistics industry, while helping to manage all alternative fuelled vehicles and assets.

To this end, TruTac understands the challenges brought by alternative fuels and are working with various industry experts to recognise the relevant procedures and risks, both on site and on the road, which need to be considered when compared to conventional combustion engines.

Looking ahead
Future TruTac developments include focussed asset management controls for electric and other alternative fuels; tighter cost control; comprehensive reports; detailed auditing and complete alternative fleet management.

To assist in managing the data and analytics, TruTac envisage more third-party integrations via API’s to deliver better big data management and resource visibility / efficiency (both for drivers and vehicles).

Moreover, TruTac is placing greater emphasis on sustainability and how the company’s products can better support operators in achieving their Greenification objectives. Further examples include optimised route planning and on-route charging, to support maximum battery life.

“In summary,” concludes Jemma James “we are dedicated to the continuous development of our Greenification technology, with the aim of delivering cost savings and sustainability for all types of EV fleet, while of course, maintaining optimum compliance control.”