During Winter there are inevitably adverse weather conditions, which could hinder the performance of vehicles, as several key components will be more exposed to the elements and prone to wear and potential failure than during milder periods.

As a result, when a vehicle enters the workshop for a service or repair, technicians should take the opportunity to ensure it’s Winter-ready before heading back out on to the road. Filters are one of the components that must be replaced in line with the manufacturer’s schedule, as they are vital in maximising the longevity and efficiency of both the vehicle and the comfort of its occupants.

During a Winter service, all scheduled filters must be replaced, especially the cabin filter, which too often gets left out, as it works especially hard during all seasons. In Spring, the pollen count is usually already high, but with freshly cut grass throwing up fine particles, it can increase further. In Summer there are plenty of soot and fine particles polluting the air and in Autumn there is higher humidity than in the Summer, which means more dust and other particles clogging the filter, so that by the time Winter arrives, it is highly likely that the cabin filter will need replacing, if it has not been changed already during the year. The added pressure of Winter could also lead to decreased heater performance, unpleasant odours and safety issues, as the windows may not be able to clear properly, affecting the vision of the driver.

The complete Borg & Beck Filter range offers more than 1,400 references providing comprehensive coverage for the entire vehicle parc for cars and light commercial vehicles. All are constructed using high quality, resilient materials and premium quality filter paper is specifically selected against each application for ultimate filtration.

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