With just under a month to go until the customer nomination period closes on 15th October for this year’s Motor Ombudsman Star Awards, the Ombudsman for the automotive  sector has already received nearly 2,300 entries from motorists across the UK. Surpassing last year’s total of around 1,500, this is the highest ever tally of submissions for the annual competition, which allows  consumers to recognise accredited businesses from across The Motor Ombudsman’s four Chartered  Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Codes of Practice, as well as individual team members, who  have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The Motor Ombudsman’s awards are divided into two different categories. The first is the Garage Star  Awards – where customers can put forward an independent garage, a franchise dealer, a body repair  centre, a mobile mechanic, or a staff member from one of these organisations. The second is the  Customer Service Star Awards, which applies to vehicle manufacturers, vehicle warranty providers, and  the head offices of garage and dealer groups.

In their submissions via the dedicated portal on The Motor Ombudsman’s website  (www.TheMotorOmbudsman.org/Awards), consumers are asked to cite examples of how businesses as a  whole or one of their employees went the extra mile to assist them during their time of need, whether this was, for example, displayed through an act of kindness or a demonstration of an exceptional level of  customer service during the sale or repair of a car to get their car back on the road, or in relation to the  handling of a warranty purchase or claim.

Against a pre-defined set of criteria, the nominations received since the start of May 2023 will be whittled  down by The Motor Ombudsman to create a shortlist of 24 finalists for the Garage Star Awards. This  year’s new line-up of judges will then have the task of choosing one winner and two highly commended  entries for each of the eight regional trophies. Similarly, the Customer Service Star Award winners will also  be chosen from a narrowed down group of entries to determine each of the three silverware recipients for  2023.

As part of the continued evolution of the Star Awards, this year’s overall National Garage Star, who will be  selected by the judging panel from the eight regional champions, will be presented with both their regional trophy and the top prize of the competition at this year’s prestigious Chartered Trading Standards Institute  (CTSI) Hero Awards at London’s Houses of Parliament in November. This comes as part of a newly[1]formed collaboration between the two organisations for the event, which recognises individuals who have made outstanding contributions to help others, and is centred around the theme of ‘partnerships’ for the 2023 ceremony.

Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “It is very encouraging to have received such a fantastic response to the Star Awards from customers of our  accredited businesses, and to see the level of interest and excitement that the competition is so far  generating across the country.”

Bill added: “There is still time for consumers to put forward an organisation or a staff member, to give them  the best chance of having their name etched on to a trophy, and for their achievement to be publicly recognised.”

For more information on this year’s Motor Ombudsman Star Awards, and for the entry form for customers  to complete a nomination (until 15th October), visit www.TheMotorOmbudsman.org/Awards