With the introduction of ARGENTIUM® UFI Filters is reaching the next level of cabin air filtration. Karl Ridings, Sales Director UK & Ireland – Aftermarket of UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and thermal management, explains how ARGENTIUM® will contribute to an even more effective purification of the air inhaled by passengers, while also improving driving comfort.

The standard rule of thumb for a cabin filter replacement to be carried out is once a year, but it should be done at even shorter intervals in areas that are particularly dusty.

Technical challenges

A properly functioning cabin air filter is of utmost importance. Although the concentration of dust in the atmosphere and the presence of various harmful particles such as PM10 and PM2.5 varies with weather conditions and geographic location, levels inside the vehicle can be as high as six times the outdoor level. This is due to the tunnel effect created by the ventilation circuit.

Latest developments

In the past, there were mainly two kinds of cabin air filters – anti-pollen filters and active carbon filters. Recently, the manufacturers have extended these product groups with more effective solutions that are designed to block and destroy bacteria even more efficiently. Internal tests have shown that these solutions, however, tend to deteriorate within only a few working cycles after installation. UFI ARGENTIUM® is a different concept featuring distinct blue fibres and a special fabric structure which incorporates silver particles with powerful antimicrobial characteristics. It maintains its ability to neutralise bacteria, fungi and mould, reducing the bacterial load by over 99% throughout the filter’s entire lifetime.

The innovative ARGENTIUM® filtering media is composed of three layers to stop pollen, dirt, tyre-wear dust, fungi, and bacteria, while absorbing SO2 and NOX. Thanks to the presence of active carbon, the media material also guarantees a filtration efficiency that exceeds 98.5% for particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns as well as eliminating harmful gases and unpleasant odours. The filter is fully compliant with the ISO 11155-1 standard.


Compared to traditional simple and economical cabin filters with the function of cleaning the cabin air in a more or less coarse way, UFI is witnessing a very interesting development and new opportunities for BEV applications. Some important car makers require extremely sophisticated filtration systems, with the intent of protecting passengers not only from air pollution, but also from bacterial and viral contamination. These latest developments have had a big boost especially in conjunction with and as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has increased the sensitivity of people for enhanced air quality in the vehicle. This represents a big opportunity. Indeed, the electric cars of a well-known manufacturer will be equipped with UFI high tech cabin filters, with very high filtration efficiency.

UFI Filter’s Aftermarket offer

The company addresses the increasing the sensitivity of drivers for enhanced air quality in the vehicle by continuously extending its ARGENTIUM® cabin filter range.

Distributors benefit from a comprehensive range of 142 references for light vehicles. ARGENTIUM® complements the company’s anti-pollen and active carbon cabin filter Aftermarket ranges. UFI Filters currently covers more than 98.5% of all European vehicles.

All ARGENTIUM® filters feature the generic reference 34.xxx.00. For more information see https://ufi-aftermarket.com/ufi-filters-argentium.