Named sponsor for the night stage, Ring has hailed the Trackrod Rally Yorkshire a triumph, as it allowed the company to have vital interaction with current and potential customers.

The Trackrod Rally Yorkshire is a British Rally Championship accredited stage rally, which offers a unique opportunity for the entire rallying community to participate in a variety of events, which use the classic Yorkshire forest stages. Naturally, the event aligns with local automotive company, Ring, as the business became a named sponsor for the night rally for the first time this year.

Ring was mainly involved in the ceremonial start in Filey, which was largely filled with Historic Cup entrants, although there were also other races, including the Land Rover Bowler Challenge and Mini Challenge.

Marketing Director for Ring, Henry Bisson, attended the event on the first night to ensure the organisers had everything they needed from a Ring perspective, but also to get more involved in the popular event. Henry said: “We’re incredibly proud to sponsor such an amazing rally event and, as we’re primarily a lighting company, it made sense for us to sponsor the night stage where all the cars need bright lights and extra driving lights.

“I also had the privilege of addressing the crowd and introducing them to Ring and had some fantastic conversations with the attendees and rallying enthusiasts. I was also treated by the organisers, as I was allowed to start a few cars from the starting line!

“The event is just under an hour away from our offices, so it’s great to invest in local events and this one was a brilliant one to support. Congratulations to all of the winners of the races, there was some brilliant driving going on!”