The autumn 2020 diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on brings an unparalleled breadth and depth of vehicle and system coverage.

One of the biggest innovations comes in the form of Secure Vehicle Gateway™ – a new solution from Snap-on to support technicians working on vehicles that have restricted access. The system has been authorised by FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for direct access to the manufacturer’s vehicle gateway module from Snap-on scan tools.

Secure gateway modules are being put in place by manufacturers to ward off unauthorised access and potential cyber-attacks. The presence of these modules means that access to certain diagnostic functions on the vehicle requires registration and authentication through an approved scan tool.

The Snap-on Secure Vehicle Gateway is designed to help navigate through this new process on 2017 and newer FCA models. Adding to the Secure Vehicle Gateway access is a big update to the Snap-on Vehicle Coverage Guide.

This interactive online database allows technicians to search for and view detailed coverage with the ability to filter by manufacturer, model, year and system. It is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from computers and tablets too, while data can also be printed out for future reference.

The new coverage in this latest release includes:

  • Extensive MG™ coverage available covering six new models between 2006 and 2020, with an extensive range of special functions across a wide range of systems
  • Model year update for 18 manufacturers
    • 2019: Alfa Romeo®, BMW®, Dacia®, Fiat®, Honda®, Lancia®, Land Rover®, Mitsubishi®, MINI®, Nissan®, Vauxhall®, Renault®, Smart®, Volvo®
    • 2020: FUSO®, Hyundai®, Kia®, Mazda®
  • Forty new models with systems and special functions
  • Extended Diagnostics Over Internet Protocol (DOIP) coverage for Land Rover, in addition to Jaguar and Volvo
  • More market-leading ADAS coverage for VAG, Honda, Jaguar, Toyota® and Lexus®
  • Ford® special function update for eight popular models for the Engine, ABS, Airbag and Body Control Module systems
  • Mercedes® engines for the 2016-2020 C Class and V Class with 24 special functions
  • Iveco® engine variants with DPF special functions

Technicians working with Snap-on’s range of diagnostic scan tools will also benefit from many additional benefits and user-experience enhancements.

Alongside the Secure Vehicle Gateway system comes the ability to generate live battery voltage readings on the ZEUS™ and VERUS Edge™ platforms, in readiness for performing tests. ZEUS and VERUS Edge users can also take advantage of automatic mileage population on ADAS and Vehicle System Reports.

Other improvements include automatic screen capture uploads to the Snap-on cloud service and an ADAS recalibration report to demonstrate calibration jobs (some features are platform-specific – full details can be found at the online Vehicle Coverage Guide).

An additional 74,000 new component tests are now available, plus five new in-depth vehicle case studies to help guide technicians diagnose and complete some of the more complicated repairs.

The new upgrade includes all of the information from each previous release and, on applicable platforms, provides access to the award-winning SureTrack – Snap-on’s comprehensive source of expert knowledge and verified repair information.

A Snap-on software subscription ensures that technicians remain constantly up-to-date and provides continued access to SureTrack, Technical Service Bulletins and Snap-on Information System (qualifying platforms only).