Apollo Tyres’ highly-anticipated Vredestein Ultrac Pro ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) summer tyre will launch next month, showcasing a groundbreaking lightweight design that maximises performance and comfort while dramatically reducing weight and environmental impact.

The Ultrac Pro, which is the first all-new Vredestein tyre in the top-tier performance summer tyre category for 12 years, boasts a remarkable weight reduction over its predecessor. When comparing two generations of tyre in 245/45R18 100Y XL format, the new Ultrac Pro is 1.7kg lighter than the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti+, which equates to a 13% weight reduction. Across the Ultrac Pro range, weight has been reduced by an average of 10%.

The substantial weight reduction leads to a lower rotational mass, improving steering response, acceleration and braking performance. Due to the lower mass, the tyres can also be kept in contact with the ground more efficiently.

Apollo Tyres’ global R&D team in the Netherlands has focused on minimising the amount of material required for the tyre’s structure and tread to meet ambitious targets with respect to sportiness, while maintaining durability and comfort. This has been realised through the introduction of a novel bead configuration, which affords a more sophisticated mono-ply construction in a significant number of sizes, instead of the two-ply format commonly found in the segment. This innovative design results in a dramatic reduction in materials required and a consequential fall in overall weight.

Implementation of the latest generation of rubber compounds and the optimisation of gauges in the tyre construction resulted in the flexibility required to achieve a constant distribution of force across the contact patch that meets the road surface. This allows the tyre to achieve optimum grip at the highest velocities, while retaining the same impressive resilience as its predecessor.

Superior driving comfort is achieved through the clever use of a larger flexing zone, which has allowed the Apollo Tyres R&D team to maximise comfort without compromising stability. The result is an UUHP tyre that sets new standards for comfort, offering a significant improvement over the Ultrac Vorti+, which itself has been acclaimed for its ride compliance.

Superior rolling resistance

Utilising the substantial reduction in mass, the newly developed rubber compounds and the optimised construction, the new Ultrac Pro is one of the best performers in its category for fuel efficiency. It delivers a 12% overall improvement and a label category uplift compared to the rolling resistance of its predecessor, significantly improving the driving range for motorists who use their performance vehicles for daily driving and commuting.

Low weight enhances environmental credentials

Beyond the performance benefits, the reduction in weight also contributes to the tyre’s environmental sustainability. The total energy needed to produce the Ultrac Pro, including compound mixing, tyre formation and curing, has been significantly reduced thanks to the use of fewer materials. Secondary environmental benefits can also be attributed to less energy being required during the transportation of raw materials to the factory and tyre delivery to customers across Europe.

The Ultrac Pro will be offered in a versatile range of sizes from 18- to 24-inch, catering to a broad spectrum of sportscars, supercars, high-performance saloons, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

For more information about Vredestein passenger car tyres, visit: https://www.vredestein.co.uk/