Replacement catalytic converters (CATs) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are important to keep vehicles compliant with emissions standards. The problem that distributors and stockists face is that holding them on-site poses a costly and an inefficient use of inventory space. To solve this, Klarius Products offers a pro-active stock management service combined with next day UK delivery service.

Freeing up space and capital

As with sourcing any replacement vehicle component, a short lead time means a faster repair. To secure speed of repair, stockists and distributors can hold stock on-site for fast dispatch. However, for a bulky component such as a CAT or a DPF, this takes up large amounts of inventory space. With vehicles on the road having a huge variety of CAT and DPF designs, holding even a few popular references in every branch doesn’t make sense. On average, 50x CATs will take up to 10 m2 – space which could be better utilised for smaller, more profitable items.

Compounding the issue is the expense of stocking CATs and DPFs. CATs and DPFs can contain precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium – which increases cost. For example, the purchase cost of stocking 100x CAT part numbers would be around £10k. Furthermore, the opportunity cost of stocking CATs and DPFs compared to faster moving, more profitable items could amount to thousands.

Managed stock and logistics services

“With our rapid next day delivery service for CATs and DPFs, we have removed the need for stockists and distributors to hold these items on-site,” James Ellison, Sales & Operations Director at Klarius, explains.

“We are the largest UK manufacturer of aftermarket exhausts, offering a range of over 11,000 applications, covering over 24 million cars on the road. We ensure total availability across our range through demand driven dynamic manufacturing processes. All available stock is held in our extensive warehouse facilities. In combination, this means we can offer consistent lead times across the entire range.”

This total availability is supported by a dedicated nationwide logistics partner, Autologistiks. For orders placed before 5:30pm, 50% reach the intended destination before 9am, 60% before 10am and 90% before midday. As a result, the needs of even the most urgent CAT or DPF order can be met, ensuring a reduced repair time.

“This delivery service means that stockists and distributors needn’t rely on local stock held on-site to ensure a responsive service to their customers. Therefore, CAT and DPF inventories can be trimmed back to make way for more profitable and space efficient products. Furthermore, we offer complete stock cleansing and redistribution services so that any on-site stock is optimised to secure profitability.”

Quality CATs and DPFs

Quality is a key aspect of the Klarius range. All applicable products are type-approved, with Klarius independently certifying all relevant components with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). All products are designed, tested and manufactured in-house – with vehicles of correct marque, model and production year used for development to provide equivalent or increased performance over that of an OEM part. Every part in range features a Fit First Time guarantee and a 2-year warranty as standard.