British automotive bush specialist Powerflex has revised and updated its application list for the enduringly popular and multi-award-winning Volkswagen Up! city car, produced from 2011 to date. The latest product introduces uprated lower torque mount large bush insert options for the following turbocharged derivatives produced from the 2016 facelift onwards:

  • Volkswagen Up! GTi (2016 to date)
  • Volkswagen Up! 1.0 TSI (2016 to date)

Powerflex mount inserts are perfectly moulded to precisely fill voids within the original rubber bush and reduce excessive movement and stress within that connection. This affordable and easy-to-fit product is designed to offer additional support at the point where the engine is mounted to the body. Its installation will restrict excessive engine movement during acceleration and braking. It therefore improves throttle response, tightens gear changes and reduces wheel hop. Owners may also experience a small increase in NVH, usually at idle.

Due to the Up! being so accomplished in a wide variety of environments, Powerflex has produced this new lower torque mount insert in three different polyurethane blends: Red (65A durometer) for general road use, Purple (80A durometer) for fast road use, and Black (95A) for track or competition use.

  • Road Series (65A or 80A durometer) polyurethane transmission inserts are designed for vehicles that spend the majority of their lives on the road and therefore balance improved performance and mount longevity with the need to deliver excellent NVH suppression.
  • Black Series (95A) polyurethane transmission inserts deliver the most transformative mount enhancement and are primarily designed for track and motorsport use. Engineered to be at least 25% stiffer than Road Series bushes, they offer maximum strength and response.

Powerflex mount inserts are rendered in specially formulated polyurethane blends that are renowned for their resistance to wear over prolonged use and high mileages, as well as common contaminants such as oil, salt and road grime. All Powerflex applications for the Volkswagen Group’s trio of New Small Family models (Volkswagen Up!, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii) are available in either Road Series or Black Series options.