PCL’s confidence in its market leading MK4 product range has led to the tyre inflation expert extending its warranty from 12 months to two years.

Considerable investments into the digital ACCURA® MK4 and linear AIRFORCE® MK4 have made PCL’s best product range of its kind even better. Their longevity within the most demanding of tyre shop and garage environments has significantly increased, providing extra durability in intensive indoor and outdoor applications. The ACCURA MK4 is now as robust

as the toughest linear unit available, whilst the linear is as light, accurate and easy to use as the digital inflator. A biomorphic shape provides additional comfort for the user on both models.

A key factor in the handheld ACCURA and AIRFORCE MK4’s enhanced reliability is a clever two-stage valve, with no requirement for a small plug filter in the inlet to preserve valve life as with competitor models. Plug filters fail and clog up, slowing down the airflow, meaning more service time and wasted technician resources. In addition, the two-stage valve substantially extends the life of the product, with tests showing it can cover more than ten times as many cycles as its main contender.

The ACCURA MK4, with its new, short slimline body design, large LCD backlit screen and selectable units of pressure readi

ng, is the lightest metal-bodied digital gauge available on the market and the most versatile digital handheld product PCL has ever manufactured.

The latest “Made in Sheffield” AIRFORCE MK4 has taken the leading standards of the MK3 to a whole new level, delivering greater accuracy, speed and reliability than its predecessor and any other comparable inflator. It is still available with the widest range of tyre valve and hose connectors to suit all applications.

PCL Sales Director, Lee Wright, said: “PCL is firmly committed to combining the same features and benefits that have stood the test of time with advancements in digital and mechanical technology. Major investments have resulted in an unbeatable range of products, and PCL is so confident in their reliability that we wanted to pass some benefit on to the customers with an extended two-year warranty. We are extremely proud of our ACCURA MK4 and AIRFORCE MK4 tyre inflators, which have become industry standard in garages, petrol forecourts and tyre shops.”

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