OSRAM has revamped its well establised COOL BLUE range of Halogen and HID bulbs, relaunching its portfolio with a new look, enhanced features and new part numbers. 

The changes to the range will mean the new CBN (COOL BLUE NEXT GENERATION) part numbers will become available and phased in when old stocks of CBI (COOL BLUE INTENSE) part numbers have been phased out and sold through.

OSRAM’s team of experts reviewed the range in detail and have significantly improved the bulbs features, upgrading the Kelvin and brightness claims.

The products will now also be boxed in freshly updated turquoise colour packaging, with a more modern design, including the integration of a QR code on the backside of the packs for easy access to additional product information online.

The range includes the HID (Xenon) XENARC COOL BLUE® INTENSE (Next Generation), now offering extra white light for that LED look, colour temperatures of up to 6200K and up to 150 percent more brightness.

These will replace the current XENARC COOL BLUE® INTENSE (CBI) range, but the bulbs themselves will have the  same optical appearance.

Meanwhile, the halogen COOL BLUE INTENSE (Next Generation) also features extra white light for that LED look, and a  colour temperature of up to 5000K and up to 100 percent more brightness.

Additionally, OSRAM’s DIADEM CHROME range will also take on the new packaging design changes, which will be phased in when stocks of the old packaging have phased out. The bulbs in the DIADEM CHROME range only appear amber when switched on, and will otherwise remain almost invisible in the headlamp unit, giving an homogenous appearance. It also features a slick, cutting-edge interference and absorber coating. These can be used to replace amber bulbs in indicator applications.