The organisers of the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival and Wolfstones Hillclimb are like everyone else, mindful of Covid-19  / Coronavirus and its progress and effects. 
The Festival organisers continue to keep a watching brief on the situation regarding the spread of the disease and any resultant advice and moves from Government, Local Authorities or Motorsport UK (the governing body for motorsport in the country). 


As matters stand, the organisers do not plan to cancel the Festival and will continue to work towards it, until advised not to run the event and/or being prevented from doing so by regulations from the relevant sanctioning authorities.   
“Obviously, given that this is a public event, our concern, first and foremost, is for the public,” explains Michael McErlain, Joint MD of the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival. “We are currently looking at something that is more than three months hence and we are gauging what other sporting events and bodies are doing for the coming months, and acting accordingly. 
“I have actually noted increased interest in the event since the recent Government measures were drawn up. In fact, we have had two major names approach us about becoming Yorkshire Motorsport Festival partners in the last few days, because they think that we will be through the pandemic by the end of June and people will want to go out and take part in events again. Obviously, at this stage no one can be sure this will be the case, but it is encouraging to see companies looking beyond Covid-19 – because we WILL emerge from it sooner or later.
“All the infrastructure is in place and we feel confident of being able to deliver a successful Festival and, of course, one with the necessary public health measures to ensure the maximum possible safety for all visitors and participants alike. 
“We are completely mindful of our responsibilities as event organisers and, to that extent, we continuously monitor both the national and the local situation and will take action accordingly. We remain cautiously optimistic that we will still be able to stage the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival and Wolfstones Speed Hillclimb on June 26-28th, as planned. Obviously, if this situation changes we will inform everyone to that effect.”   
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