In the last 12 months Global automotive aftermarket supplier, First Line Ltd. has added a further 20 new Thermostat references to its extensive Cooling programme, available in its premium First Line and Borg & Beck brands.

One of the recent additions to the range is the dual Thermostat (FTK530 / BBT530), which fits multiple Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen applications. The First Line (FTK530) and Borg & Beck (BBT530) part is supplied complete with housing and sensor for a smooth and efficient installation.

The design of this Thermostat allows different temperatures in the cylinder head and block, enabling the engine to heat up quicker and stay at a more optimal temperature to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

An additional Thermostat to fit the BMW 1 Series 2010> (FTK509 / BBT509) is a rising star, supplied as a complete Thermostat with housing. It is also electronically operated, making this part highly recommended for stock.

First Line Ltd.’s extensive range of Thermostats covers all ages of the vehicle parc, from straightforward, pressed Thermostats, to the technically advanced computer controlled variable Thermostats.

The full product portfolio consists of more than 40,000 part numbers, across 60+ product lines. All of which can be looked-up via application or cross reference in the company’s market-leading online catalogue, WebCat: