Today sees the launch of Daffodil Associated Fuel Technology (DAFT) that will be used in brand new Eco Battery technology going forward and should be out by spring 2022.

In early lab tests scientists have seen signs of huge improvements of battery life that have delighted the developers to such a degree that investments have been doubled in readiness.

Ecologists are also excited at the prospect of this new development too as the flowers will now be grown in Fields of Gold across the UK in the near future in specially allocated areas.

The team of professors who have initiated the move said “It was during lockdown one in March 2020 when we were catching up with each other over zoom when suddenly one of our colleagues had, not a lightbulb moment, but a daffodil bulb moment and could see the richness of the oils glistening in the warm sun from his Daffodils. It quickly became a team effort to develop the new technology and our kitchens became experiment rooms. For it to develop so quickly has been amazing and we are all really excited by the prospect.”

The team are keeping their identities secretive at the moment until the roots of the project have been embedded.


PM update: This story was published on April 1st 2021 as our April fools day. We hope it bought you a smile.