Morris Lubricants has launched Multivis ECO FE 0W-20, a new low viscosity, high performance engine oil that has been formulated for use in Ford’s 1.5L EcoBlue turbodiesel engines.

The new Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 satisfies the demands of Ford’s 1.5L EcoBlue turbodiesel engines, complying with the performance requirements of the Ford WSS-M2C-952-A1 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification.

Ford’s 1.5L EcoBlue turbodiesel engines place high demands on the oil to protect the engine from timing chain wear and turbocharger deposits. Over time these issues can cause a lack of efficiency, poor fuel economy or component failure. The use of Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 will help to protect components from wear and tear and corrosion, while promoting improved levels of cleanliness.

To safeguard Ford’s 1.5L EcoBlue turbodiesel engines under a variety of driving conditions, the new engine oil provides a strong ultra-thin oil film around engine components. This not only minimises internal energy losses that promote power transfer to the wheels, but contributes towards component protection under load.

Using Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 will also help protect engine components even during critical cold start-up conditions due to the oil’s enhanced low-temperature flow properties.

As smaller, direct fuel injection engines are developed, turbocharging will be essential to keep power outputs up and the engine oil will need to protect turbochargers that operate at high temperatures and pressures. Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 has been formulated to control high temperature deposits and sludges, promoting efficient operation, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions, including CO2.

Ryan Woolley, Technical Advisor at Morris Lubricants, explains: “Owners of Ford vehicles with a 1.5L EcoBlue turbodiesel engine may now find their car out of warranty and want to select an independent garage for servicing and repairs, rather than using the OEM’s branded oil.

“Our new Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 oil is the ideal solution to help protect these 1.5L EcoBlue turbodiesel engines from several potential issues and give those in the automotive industry an alternative supplier option.

“With a selection of oils and lubricants to suit a wide range of vehicles, we tailor the chemical profiles and formulations of our products to ensure maximum after-treatment device compatibility, allowing garages a one-stop shop for all of their customer’s needs.”

Morris Lubricants’ Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 is also recommended for vehicles using hybrid electric technology, as well as being suitable for other passenger car engines, including turbo-charged and supercharged versions, requiring a low viscosity grade.

Readily available in 5 litre containers, Multivis ECO FE 0W-20 has been formulated primarily for use in the following Ford models fitted with the 1.5L EcoBlue TDCi engine: Ecosport (2017-), Focus IV (2018-), Kuga III (2019-), Connect (2018-), Connect MPV (2015-).  Further information can be found at the company’s website.

About the Multivis range

Multivis is a range of superior quality automotive engine oils suitable for petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. The range uses the latest synthetic technology products and oil formulations required in the operation of low-emission engine designs and specifications.  The chemical profiles and formulations in the Multivis range of engine oils are tailored carefully to ensure maximum aftertreatment device compatibility.

With the ever-increasing complexity of exhaust aftertreatment devices, such as particulate filters and catalysts, combined with the extra demands for increased fuel economy, the Multivis range not only offers the maximum levels of component protection, but helps to ensure operating efficiency is always maintained.  Further information on the Multivis range can be found here.

If you are unsure which oil will suit your needs, call the Morris Lubricants Technical Helpline on 01743 237541, or use the company’s WhatOil online lubricant lookup on the website at Simply enter a registration number for a car or search a wide variety of vehicles by entering the age, make and model and the ideal oil is shown.