MAHLE Aftermarket UK has unveiled its latest range revamp in its popular air conditioning maintenance product portfolio, as it continues to meet increased demand.

MAHLE’s latest ArcticPRO ACX Line has been updated to offer garages and technicians cutting edge technology for the best in AC maintenance, as customer demand rises.

“As systems change, and with the advancement of electric vehicles (EV), maintenance of the AC system will become a basic part of vehicle servicing in the future,” says Alan Povey, quality manager at MAHLE.

The expanded product range is ecological, economical and efficient, allowing technicians to provide a successful service regardless of the vehicle and ambient temperature.

Additional features include a USB interface, WiFi, Bluetooth for remote diagnostic and software updates, a Hybrid and EV ready unit, a remote system allowing immediate technical assistance, plus it can be used with MAHLE’s AC Remote Viewer app.

Povey adds: “It’s important technicians stay ahead of the curve and continue to invest in the new technology to take advantage of the market now and customers’ requirements going forward. As EVs and hybrid vehicles have less items requiring maintenance, workshops need to have more services available to offer.

“On current vehicles there is a potential loss of pressure, especially on low mileage vehicles and where the AC system is not used as much such as in the winter. Regular use throughout the year ensures the components are lubricated and there is less chance of condensation gathering in the system, but they still need servicing regularly to remain efficient.”

Povey concludes: “Garages should be pushing to re-gas systems every two to three years. This is a great upselling opportunity and helps motorists’ vehicles remain efficient. Plus, with new more environmentally friendly gas already in use and more innovations on the way, garages need to be aware and invest in training and the latest technology.”