An additional eight thermostats have been added to MAHLE Aftermarket’s ever-expanding product range, reinforcing its commitment to covering a greater number of applications.
The thermostats offer coverage across several popular vehicle makes and models, including Honda, Land Rover, Citroen, BMW, MINI, Vauxhall, Audi, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes and, Renault.

With its expanded thermal management portfolio, MAHLE is positioning itself more broadly with regard to the increasingly important e-mobility market in particular. Thermal management is, after all, a central prerequisite for the reliable operation of electrically powered vehicles.

A multitude of thermostats and other components for temperature regulation are regularly added to complete the MAHLE Aftermarket product range.

For example, MAHLE has developed a map-controlled thermostat for commercial vehicle applications, which optimally adapts the coolant temperature to each driving situation for the first time, increasing the efficiency of the engine.

The technology can reduce fuel consumption in long-distance hauling applications by up to 0.5 per cent, and the power requirements of the cooling system are further optimised when the map-controlled thermostat works in conjunction with the controlled E-Visco® coolant pump and E-Visco® cooler. This lowers consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to two per cent.

In order to assist the workshops with regard to the new thermal management products, MAHLE Aftermarket also offers specific training and makes repair and maintenance information (RMI) available on its diagnostics tools and service equipment. MAHLE is thereby positioning itself as a solutions provider and future-proof partner for the workshops.

As a global partner, MAHLE develops and produces thermal management systems and components for well-known automobile and engine manufacturers.

MAHLE thermostats work just as well in tropical heat as in arctic cold. They quickly bring each engine to the correct operating temperature by controlling the cooling circuit.

MAHLE provides a variety of thermostats and other temperature-regulating components for various requirements.

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