The leading brand for automotive repair solutions, TEROSON®, is hosting a live webinar on 23rd May at 10.00 AM, focusing on plastic repair solutions for bodyshop professionals.

The webinar will be presented by experienced sales engineers Julian Pateman and Barry Lewis, and will include a live demonstration of repairing a damaged car bumper using TEROSON’s plastic repair solutions.

During the webinar, the Henkel-owned brand will showcase its range of plastic repair solutions and explain how bodyshop professionals can fix a variety of plastic parts on both the interior and exterior of vehicles, including bumpers, spoilers, doors and more. TEROSON’s experts will demonstrate how its plastic repair solutions can enhance sustainability, offer a high-quality finish that is nearly identical to the original look of the vehicle, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

TEROSON is also encouraging attendees to sign up for an in-workshop seminar delivered by one of the company’s sales engineers, to learn more about TEROSON’s plastic repair solutions and how they can be integrated into their daily repair processes.

Julian Pateman said:“We’re looking forward to hosting our webinar and sharing our expertise with bodyshop professionals. Our team understands the importance of keeping costs down while still maintaining high-quality standards in the repair process.

“The challenges faced by bodyshop professionals in repairing plastic parts on modern vehicles can be overwhelming. We believe that our plastic repair solutions are designed to address those challenges by providing a cost-effective, sustainable and high-quality alternative to replacement.

“We are committed to helping bodyshop professionals achieve their goals by providing them with the right tools and knowledge to successfully implement our solutions in their repair processes. Attending our in-person seminars is another excellent way to gain further insight into our solutions and see how they can be seamlessly incorporated into current repair procedures.”

To register for the webinar click here,  and to learn more about Henkel’s TEROSON, visit Henkel Adhesives – Teroson.