The Spring Hose Clamp Pliers from KNIPEX is a tool that can quickly open, move or remove many sizes of hose clamp in tight and confined areas around the engine.

Conventional pliers can generally only be used for a specific type of clamp, meaning a change of tools every time a new type of clamp is encountered. However, the KNIPEX Spring Hose Pliers can grip standard, space saving and spring wire hose clamps as well as spring band clamps between the diameter range of 0-70mm, all with a high transmission of manual force.

A key feature which makes the Pliers so versatile is the maximum jaw opening of 80mm, which allows a clamping range of more than 40mm. Thanks to this and the high standards of KNIPEX engineering, fine ergonomics and a non-slip plastic coating, excellent leverage can be achieved which allows clamps to be opened easily and safely without the need for great manual effort.

The KNIPEX Spring Hose Clamp Pliers have a slim head and rotating jaw inserts so that clamps can be handled safely and flexibly from any position and in confined spaces.  As a result, the position of the pliers to the ring can be changed when the ring is clamped.

The 85 51 250 AF version of the KNIPEX Spring Hose Pliers come equipped with a clever locking device which secures the pliers in place when the clamp is under tension. The clamp can then be moved quickly and conveniently over hoses (even when they are twisted) and “parked” in a suitable place. A mechanic’s hands then become free to work simply and safely on the tensioned clamp.

Whether the work is on the air intake, cooling system, charged air or the water return flow or on the thermostat, fuel pipes or heating, the KNIPEX Spring Hose Clamp Pliers are the ideal tool wherever clamps or rings are used to connect hoses.

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