The new Comfort Handles from KNIPEX feature a third, non-slip component that optimises haptic properties and enhances the handling of the tools with multi-component grips. From this year, KNIPEX will be gradually converting these pliers to the improved handles. There will also be a KNIPEXtend interface for extensions to the pliers, for instance, for fall protection.

2024 sees the typical red and blue multi-component handles from KNIPEX gain another component for even better handling of the pliers. A soft grey and specially structured surface texture optimises the ergonomics of the large range of pliers and thus ensures even better grip and control. The soft blue component for a secure and comfortable grip and the firm red component for maximum durability are retained and continue to stand for the highest quality and proven recognisability of KNIPEX tools. The changeover will take place gradually from this year onwards, with the electrically insulated tools remaining with the tried and tested VDE-tested two-component handles for the time being.

Another new feature of the KNIPEX multi-component sheaths is a KNIPEXtend interface – an extension that can be used in a variety of ways. Among other things, a KNIPEX TetheredTool clip can be attached here for fall protection or a clip called KNIPEX ColorCode, which individually identifies the pliers with a coloured marking.  But this is just the beginning. The KNIPEXtend interface can be used for a wide range of clip ideas in the future. At 3D printing fans can find the data for realising their own ideas for KNIPEX clips.

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