KNIPEX has developed the “Basic” EV tool case designed especially for the maintenance and inspection of electric vehicles (EV’s). This compact case contains comprehensive basic equipment for electric vehicle maintenance and inspection and is ideal for all car workshops and companies that service electric vehicles or their own vehicle fleets.

With the tool case “Basic” EV (00 21 05 EV) newly developed by KNIPEX, professionals are perfectly equipped for the maintenance and inspection of electric vehicles. The case contains the most important VDE-tested tools and suitable accessories in a compact and clearly arranged format: 29 insulated tools and three standard-compliant warning signs (in German). Tools and accessories are approved for all work on electric vehicles. Car workshops and maintenance companies thus receive complete basic equipment for EVs with pliers, screwdrivers, open-end wrenches and a 3/8″ ratchet set.

In addition to the electrically insulated tools, three warning signs and a pair of insulated gloves are included. The tool case is equipped with a foam tray for the 3/8″ reversible ratchet set. A further safety aspect is also included with colour coding that shows the places for removed sockets. The case shells are made of high-quality ABS material. Metal hinges guide the lid securely when opening and closing, even when it is equipped with a lot of tools. The 3-digit combination lock is used to protect against unauthorised access. Two robust flip locks keep the lid reliably closed. Once opened, the lid is held open by a hinge mechanism.

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