Klarius Products has proved that having a UK-based manufacturing operation and dedicated logistics infrastructure can give customers a competitive edge. The business is using this advantage in 2021 to further expand its range of aftermarket exhaust systems while supporting the country’s ever growing and diversifying car parc.

Continued growth in the Klarius range has been achieved thanks its robust new-to-range programme that develops emissions control solutions to fit the vast majority of vehicles on the road today. With its extensive in-house engineering, testing and manufacturing resources, Klarius is making a fast start to 2021 with a wide range of new parts released in Q1.

Doug Bentley, Head of Research and Development at Klarius, explained: “Our capabilities have given us a great advantage recently. Despite the pandemic, in 2020 we added over 150 new parts covering 3.7 million vehicles in the UK and a further 11.4 million across Europe – further widening our range advantage over other UK suppliers and manufacturers. All in all, our range now meets the replacement needs of 30 million vehicles on UK roads, which covers 83% of the total national car parc. We closely monitor the remaining 17% of vehicles, for newer applications where there is not yet any aftermarket emissions control requirement, and launch development in time for when the parts are needed. This illustrates that we have the most complete range in the UK, backed by a very active new-to-range programme, which identifies the future exhaust replacement needs of our customers to ensure the right parts are available at the right time.

“These future needs include replacement parts for popular hybrid vehicles, with our team currently developing components to fit the Toyota Auris and Lexus CT200. Additionally, we are providing more and more replacement parts for light commercial vehicles, which are covering big miles during this lockdown period. In addition to this, we pay attention to the latest vehicle models released by manufacturers, with new replacement exhausts soon to be in range for the Audi A1, Toyota Verso TR and many more.

“In 2021, we are aiming to provide new components that cover an additional 7 million UK and 16.2 million EU vehicles. This ambitious plan will extend our market-leading position in terms of available range, strengthening the offering of our motor factor and distributor customers. We will continue to be the go-to supplier for quality replacement emissions control components, delivered next morning enabling customers to carry lower inventories.

Klarius offers a range of over 11,000 products designed to fit vehicles of almost any class and age. This is thanks to its expert in-house development and testing facilities, where Klarius engineers use vehicles of correct make, model and production year to prove the performance and legislative compliance of components.

Doug adds: “It is a huge speed to market advantage for us to be the only UK emissions control component supplier to have an integrated site with manufacturing, new product development and our own test track. Furthermore, we independently test and certify our new exhaust products with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), to ensure they meet or beat OE standards – an investment our competitors in the UK choose not to make as Government regulations regrettably do not require such standards.”

Every Klarius component features a 2-year standard warranty and a Fit First Time guarantee as standard. All applicable components are legislatively compliant. Next morning delivery is available for any product in range across the UK.

You can see every new-to-range parts list here.