Mirka is expanding its innovative abrasive line-up in January 2022 with the addition of Iridium SR. This new abrasive has been designed to make a technician’s work easier by delivering a consistent, uniform cut and scratch pattern that is fast and easy to polish out.

Iridium SR is the ideal abrasive for the finest finishing stages of automotive refinishing and collision repair as well as vehicle manufacturing. In addition, it performs consistently on clearcoat, topcoat and lacquers as well as composite processing.

The abrasive offers excellent consistency and an extremely long lifespan due to its tridimensional technology silicon carbide grains. These grains are evenly placed and form new abrasive edges whenever they break down during the sanding process, which prolongs the sharpness of the grain and reduces abrasive wastage. When Iridium SR is combined with Mirka’s cordless tools, the Mirka® AOS-B and Mirka® AROP-B, it provides the user with unparalleled performance in spot repair work and finishing quality control.

Steve Smith, national sales manager ART Mirka UK, says, “We are constantly looking to push the boundaries when it comes to abrasive technology and Iridium SR is the next step up. This abrasive’s new technology has been developed with the user in mind because it is suitable for use across multiple automotive refinish applications and provides the ultimate finish.”