As one of the aftermarket’s largest and most influential providers of ECU calibration solutions, HP Tuners offers what it believes to be the most complete and cost-effective tuning and data acquisition products for enthusiasts and professional workshops.

The latest vehicle line to benefit from digital enhancement through the company’s powerful MPVI2 hardware interface are Subaru’s iconic high-performance WRX and WRX STi models produced from 2008 to 2020. This exciting new application from HP Tuners specifically applies to the following vehicles equipped with EJ207 (domestic) and EJ255 / EJ257 (export) flat four engines, including those equipped with flex fuel technologies for running ethanol-based fuel:

  • Subaru Impreza WRX produced from 2008 to 2014
  • Subaru WRX STi produced from 2015 to 2020

HP Tuners MPVI2: key features

  • Read, edit and flash with no need to modify the engine or transmission control modules
  • Supports direct flash via MPVI2 dongle
  • Collect live driving data directly into MPVI2 storage with Standalone Data Logging
  • Custom features include flex fuel switching, launch control, no-lift gearchanges and speed density tuning

In specifying the HP Tuners MPVI2 package for the Subaru WRX STi, operators are able to read, edit and flash the ECU with no need to modify or exchange the engine and transmission control modules. As the turbocharged EJ-series powertrain has been a mainstay within the aftermarket for many years, it is helpful to know that this new software is capable of optimising far more than the original hardware. In fact, with the HP Tuners MPVI2, the world of aftermarket tuning is at your disposal.

The powerful MPVI2 dongle is the latest generation of OBD-II port hardware from HP Tuners. It sets the industry standard in providing the fastest ECU reading and writing times, while the system’s VCM Suite software is intuitive to use and offers higher data integrity and reliability than any other commercial package.

While the MPVI2 dongle is the physical interface between car and tuner, VCM Suite provides the comprehensive scanning, diagnostic, logging and calibration software. The suite consists of two specific tools: VCM Editor is the programme that allows operators to adjust every possible engine parameter, while VCM Scanner is the feature-rich programme that allows operators to view, chart and log diagnostic data in real-time through the OBD-II port.

The latest addition to VCM Suite’s capabilities is the availability of Standalone Data Logging, which allows the user to write directly into the MPVI2’s internal storage and collect live driving data without being tethered to a computer. This information can then be evaluated and customised at your convenience from a PC or laptop.

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HP Tuners offers more than world-leading ECU tuning. Its data acquisition technology has also been adapted into software that allows you to bring track action to life by laying telemetry data into on-board video footage. Click the following links to learn more about the Track Addict smartphone application, and more comprehensive Race Render programme for PC and Mac users.