Jefferson Tools, a leading supplier of professional tools and equipment in the UK, is releasing the new ultimate “Nemesis” jack’s range. Each product is tailored to meet the demands of modern workshops and garages and promises to redefine standards in automotive repair and maintenance.


Given that in mythology, its name represents someone or thing that dispenses divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris, having a Nemesis at your side might not be considered a good thing. But you are quite safe when it comes to the new Nemesis range of vehicle jacks from Jefferson Tools – they won’t let you down. (Well..obviously they will – but they will lift back up – again and again!)

Why Nemesis?

The Nemesis range includes models with varying capacities from two to four tonnes, equipped with features designed for rapid lifting and ease of use. These jacks are constructed with a heavy-duty chassis, low entry profiles for broader accessibility, and twin piston systems that provide swift and effortless lifting. With maximum heights reaching up to 533mm and robust design details, the Nemesis jacks ensure a compelling blend of durability and functionality. Let’s look into some of the standouts in more detail.

They work – without the work-out

Some jacks need so much energy to pump up it can sometimes feel like the gym membership isn’t needed. But not with Nemesis. The range’s Four Tonne Rapid Lift Trolley Jack has a rapid lift feature that cuts down lifting time dramatically, helping to work faster and smarter—not harder. Its universal joint release mechanism allows for safe, controlled lowering of the jack and vehicle. The profiled lifting arm permits a low clearance height. This model includes a rapid lift pedal for increased usability, ideal for use in professional workshop environments.

Nemesis three Tonne Axle Stands can support up to 1.5 tonnes each. They incorporate a sturdy base and locking mechanism for dependable and safe operation. They adjust from a minimum height of 370mm to a maximum of 438mm, allowing for flexibility across various job requirements. Weighing in at 5.62 kg, these axle stands combine portability withstrength you can rely on, ready to take on a range of challenges in the garage.

A 1.5 Tonne Wheel Dolly is another essential tool for the professional workshop. It is smartly designed with eight adjustable rollers, allowing for effortless positioning of vehicles. The extra-large jacking handle promotes easy operation by a single person. Stability is a must, and this is ensured with a locking mechanism that fixes the rollers in eight positions. For added mobility, it’s equipped with two locking and two fixed castors, ensuring superior stability and smooth manoeuvrability around the shop floor.

“With the Nemesis range, Jefferson Tools addresses key challenges faced by automotive professionals, including time-intensive operations, safety concerns, and the inefficiencies of using multiple tools,” says Darren Binns, National Sales Manager at Jefferson Tools. “From minimising effort in lifting to enhancing industry standards, these tools are built to meet professional needs and exceed expectations.”

A full Nemesis lifting tools range is now available through Jefferson Tools’ distributors nationwide. For more detailed information on specifications, pricing, and how to purchase, visit Jefferson Tools.