EAC Telford, a renowned independent garage in Shropshire, has opened the shutters at its brand-new flagship centre following an investment of more than £100,000. Award-winning garage management system, Garage Hive played a key role in the journey towards expansion according to garage owner, Mark Kettle.

The newly built commercial vehicle workshop covers 7,500 square feet and is staffed by eight technicians and two front of house service advisors. Upstairs, a new spacious office area serves as the headquarters for EAC Telford. From here, Mark, along with his wife Jane and their general manager, oversee all operations with an impressive three-screen Garage Hive setup, positioned to overlook the office, enabling them to monitor and make decisions effectively.

“It was always a dream of mine to own a three or four garage business,” said Mark. “I genuinely don’t think I’d have been able to push the boundaries and realise that dream without Garage Hive.”

Mark’s decision to first embrace Garage Hive in 2019 was met with initial scepticism. Having experienced promises of revolutionary software solutions in the past, Mark was understandably cautious. However, his reservations were quickly dispelled as Garage Hive proved to be more than just another system – it became an indispensable tool, driving efficiency and growth.

“There’s nothing else out there like Garage Hive,” said Mark. “It gives us a real-time overview of everything. We track activity, analyse performance, and implement improvements. Only by monitoring and acting on this data have we managed to maximise efficiency, boost sales and improve customer retention.”

With access to insightful garage management reports and streamlined workflows, EAC Telford experienced a surge in productivity. Demand for commercial contracts was on the rise, prompting Mark to seize the opportunity to expand further into the commercial vehicle sector, culminating in the recent opening of a third site.

“EAC Telford’s new commercial workshop marks a significant business milestone, showcasing Mark and Jane’s ambition, dedication, and keen eye for market opportunities,” said Ray. “Their endorsement of Garage Hive is not just a testament to its capabilities but also a reflection of its tangible impact on the automotive industry. As workshops strive to adapt to evolving customer demands and market trends, Garage Hive is paving the way for sustainable growth.”

For further information on how Garage Hive helps independent garages operate more profitably, visit www.garagehive.co.uk.