Garage Buying Group (GBG) has introduced Autonoe engine oils, the second major product launch in as many weeks.

Nineteen ultra-popular grades are each available in both 199 litre and 20 litre pack sizes. Delivery is free to UK mainland garages on all orders of 199 litres and over.

Autonoe oils are exclusive to GBG and compete on specification and price with the private label brands that have been gaining share in the market in recent years. The ‘everyday grades’ cover the OEM specifications most commonly used in workshops, with 5w30 C3, VW 504/507 and 5w30 C2/C3 oil being big sellers.

Other grades include 5w30 fully synthetic PSA, 5w20 Ford and Jaguar fully synthetic, along with 0w20 and 0w30 fully synthetic grades. 5w30 multi-fleet manual and auto synthetic gear oils complete the line up.

“We’re excited to have exclusivity on the Autonoe trade brand to compete at the entry level price point on these faster selling oils,” said Managing Director, James Onions. “Autonoe oils can be used with confidence due to quality base stocks and additives.”

The oils are listed with comprehensive information at For easy reference the most popular are listed at the top, with the remainder in viscosity order. The website includes specification sheets so garages can check the formulations against what they currently use most frequently.

UK workshops will have noticed oil prices have been subject to sharp increases recently due to global demand exceeding supply due to pressure on refineries and reduced demand for aviation fuel due to the pandemic.

“We’ve launched just when prices are rising from all suppliers,” said James. “Garages shopping around will see our ‘direct from supplier’ prices are extremely competitive.”

GBG hopes to introduce other brands to enhance its oil programme further in the months ahead.

Garages interested in keeping up to date on developments and new product ranges can register free at Suppliers can enquire at