Fleet Assist has launched an exciting new garage certification programme for its network which totals over 5,200 garages, plus 380 mobile units.

The certification provides evidence that the garage is part of Fleet Assist’s annual audit to capture its services and capabilities. This includes checks such as facilities, technician capability, including EVs, and many other relevant parameters.

The distribution of the certificates to garages has started in April 2024 and are renewed annually for as long as they continue to be part of the network. Fleet Assist is encouraging garages to display this with pride alongside other certificates of professional competency as it provides customers with a visible reference the garage is part of its network that is subject to ongoing monitoring of its capabilities and operational delivery.

The Fleet Assist network is currently trusted by over 40 leasing companies to provide a range of SMR services to a combined fleet of over 1.3 million cars and vans that are on contract hire, rental, on salary sacrifice or subscription services.

“Our new certification programme aims to provide the benchmark for high achieving garages across the UK and ultimately provide peace of mind for drivers that their vehicle is being worked on by one of the UK’s leading SMR suppliers,” explained Nikos Kotrozos, Fleet Assist’s supply chain director.

“Our leasing customers and their customers in turn have responded very favourably to this certification initiative,” he added.