First Mats, the distinguished workplace and garage equipment specialist based in Birmingham, UK, is excited to announce the addition of Sealey Fans to their extensive range of Industrial Floor Fans. Recognising the challenges of warm weather in garages and workshops, First Mats has diversified its offerings to provide customers with high-performance Sealey Fans, a name already well-known amongst mechanics for their wide array of workshop tools and equipment. The revamped range includes robust, high-velocity fans with sizes up to 36″ in diameter and airflows up to 363m3/min, catering specifically to the large open spaces of garages and workshops.

Prompt next-day delivery is available for most models to address immediate cooling requirements, ensuring that mechanics and garage personnel can work comfortably even during sudden heatwaves.

Industrial Floor Fans are indispensable in ensuring conducive working conditions in garages and workshops, particularly during the warmer seasons. They not only help improve air circulation but also reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses, fostering a more comfortable and productive work environment for mechanics.

“Our objective with the expanded Industrial Floor Fans range is to provide our valued customers in garages and workshops with the best products for their needs,” said Richard O’Connor, Marketing Director at First Mats. “Given the Sealey brand’s reputation amongst mechanics, we believe it is the perfect addition. Moreover, we’ve enhanced the user experience on our website by integrating filters, making it easier for customers to pinpoint the ideal fan based on size, airflow, or power.”

Customers can conveniently purchase the new Sealey Fans directly from the First Mats website ( or by contacting the award-nominated sales and support team for tailored assistance.

About First Mats

First Mats is a Birmingham-based specialist in workplace and garage equipment, dedicated to delivering high-quality products coupled with exceptional customer service. With years of industry expertise, First Mats boasts a diverse range of products, including Industrial Floor Mats, spill containment products, workshop tools, and a broad selection of garage essentials. The company is devoted to ensuring the utmost safety and compliance standards for businesses and garages across the UK.