FAI Automotive is encouraging technicians to ensure they are checking and replacing glow plugs this winter. The demands of the cold months can increase load as the glow plugs struggle to heat, re-heat and remain hot for longer, helping keep the engines ignition cycle running as it should. This strain often accelerates deterioration and reveals existing issues with poorly performing plugs.

The high temperature that occurs as a result of compression combustion is affected by the intake air temperature. In cold conditions more energy is required to help ignition, so good glow plugs are a key factor for every cold start.

The company’s Lucas glow plug range includes over 150 part numbers, covering 65 manufacturers and 11,000 separate applications for European and Asian vehicles.

Glow plugs compensate for the heat loss caused by the cool components and cold air and ensure that temperatures are optimal before ignition. The plug is energised before the engine is started; the heater tube rises rapidly to over 800 degrees C for quick ignition.

Diesel engines that fail to start easily are not only frustrating, but they also discharge un-burnt fuel. Lucas pre heat technology ensures fast starting and minimises this problem.

Post glow takes place after the engine is running. It prevents heat loss whilst the engine is warming up, which typically takes three minutes. This reduces toxic emissions and white and blue smoke from the exhaust ensuring the engine runs smoothly, with no cold start knocking.

Glow plugs are often ignored until starting problems on a cold morning occur. FAI Automotive is encouraging workshops and garages to not ignore this component when it comes to the winter MOT season – and says it should be considered a service item. “Unlike spark plugs, glow plugs give little warning before failure and often is undetected until it’s too late!” adds Dominic Moxon, Technical Director at FAI Automotive

Lucas glow plugs are available individually or in outer cartons of 12.

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