FAI Automotive has issued its best-practice advice for garages and workshops for installation of its market-leading timing chain kit (TCK) references TCK210VVT, TCK211VVT and TCK87VVT.

Dominic Moxon, Technical Director at FAI Automotive comments: “Incompatibility issues between older or original worn components that are linked to the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) hub fitted by the manufacturer to a 1.4 TSi engine can cause technicians problems.”

The company has highlighted the cause of this problem, which is due to newer, more accurately manufactured VVT hubs being issued by the manufacturer, and therefore the latest design of chain is required so they can work in harmony with the hubs. By not installing a newer design of chain, premature wear and failure can occur.

FAI Automotive provides workshops a solution to this with its timing chain kits as they contain the latest specification components for a long-lasting repair. Moxon says: “Technicians should ensure that all components including the chain and VVT hubs are replaced and never mixed with existing worn componentry.”

Part number TCK210VVT is suitable for Volkswagen Jetta IV, engine CAVA/BWK 1.4 petrol 2007 onwards, totalling a substantial UK car parc of 325 thousand.

Meanwhile, reference TCK211VVT covers Audi A3 engines 1.4 (CAXC) and 1.6 (BLP) petrol 2003-2013; Seat Leon 1.4 (CAXC) engine petrol vehicles 2007-2012; Skoda Octavia II 1.4 (CAXA), 1.6 (BLF) petrol engines 2004-2013; and Volkswagen Golf V 1.4 (CAXA) and 1.6 (BLF, BLP) petrol engines 2003-2008.

Finally, reference TCK87VVT fits Audi A1 1.4 (CANG, CTHG, CNVA) engine, petrol, 2010-2015; Seat Ibiza IV 1.4 (CAVE) engine petrol 2009-2015; Skoda Octavia II 1.6 (BLF) petrol engine 2004-2008; and Volkswagen Passat 1.4 (CDGA) and 1.6 (BLF) engine petrol 2005-2014 applications.

FAI Automotive offers a market leading TCK range to cover the UK and European & Asian vehicle parc. The company continuously develops and builds its ranges to meet customer demand, providing over 500 references for technicians to choose from.

For a full list of application data and more information on the brand, please visit www.faiauto.com/ecat