Factor Sales, a leading aftermarket measurement data provider powered by Pearson Ham Group, is delighted to announce the appointment of Alex Jenner as its new business development manager.

With a rich background in the automotive industry, contributing to roles within a group of motor factors then Mercedes-Benz, Alex has a proven track record in business development and is poised to contribute significantly to Factor Sales’ continued success.

Now at Factor Sales, Alex returns to the automotive aftermarket and eager to get going. He admitted that he had been waiting for the right opportunity – he said: “I was drawn to Pearson Ham’s compelling business vision, which aligned with my own professional values. The enticing job description, coupled with the company’s commitment to flexible working, provided the perfect opportunity for me to balance home and work life. As a father with young children, this was vital to me.

“The chance to contribute to Factor Sales, as well as the wider Pearson Ham Group team, fuelled my excitement further.”

Preparation for the new role

The advertised position resonated with Alex as a perfect combination of his diverse experiences in the automotive industry and business development. His background on both sides of the automotive spectrum, coupled with his business development expertise, positions him uniquely to make a substantial impact on Factor Sales.

Furthermore, Alex brings a set of skills crucial for success, including attention to detail, organisation, focus and resilience: “Not to mention my eclectic music taste!”, he joked.

Continuing Factor Sales’ development

Alex’s plan for contributing to Factor Sales’ growth involves leveraging the “phenomenal work” the company has done in recent years – both from attracting suppliers to subscribe to comprehensive data insights and demonstrating the value that motor factors can also access when they share their transactional data with Factor Sales.

He added: “I want to raise industry awareness about the quantity and power of available data via Factor Sales.”

Pearson Ham Director, Ben Martin, welcomed Alex to the organisation: “We are excited to have Alex join our growing team, becoming the conduit between the brand and our loyal partners, as we look to solidify our position in the industry as the go-to aftermarket measurement data provider.”

To connect with Alex, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexjennerfactorsales/

To learn more about what Factor Sales does for Suppliers, please visit https://www.pearsonhamgroup.com/how-we-can-help/automotive-insights/suppliers/ or contact automotive@pearsonhamgroup.com