Factor Sales is thrilled to announce that Niterra UK has upgraded to the new integrated Tableau platform, which will bolster the manufacturer of ignition components and vehicle electronics’ ability to enhance its decision-making and customer service with data.

Factor Sales is taking a significant step forward in enhancing its services for aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers. The integration of Tableau marks a pivotal juncture for Factor Sales, as it introduces a dynamic and comprehensive reporting and market measurement system. This upgrade is designed to provide a more profound understanding of market trends and trajectories, enabling valued customers to make more informed business decisions.

For motor factors leveraging the current Factor Sales platform, they can look forward to receiving bespoke software updates in due course. These improvements will strengthen their own experience and contribute to growth and success of their business.

Niterra UK’s success story

Niterra UK is one manufacturer that has subscribed, advancing from its existing Factor Sales agreement, and it a decision that has yielded invaluable benefits.

Niterra UK Marketing Manager, Becca Knight, said: “We see Factor Sales as the go-to source for key information about important activities going on within the aftermarket. The quality and scope of the data is a huge factor but also the visualisation. Looking at data in this way helps identify trends and insights more effectively.

“We use Factor Sales every day, to help us understand what, when and where our customers need product and support from us. We already use Tableau in the business, so this upgrade was an organic alignment with the way we work.”

Becca revealed that she would “absolutely” recommend Factor Sales to other businesses operating in the automotive industry, as having the right data throughout an organisation helps make the right decisions: “Tools, like Factor Sales, helps you do that without anyone needing to be a data scientist!”

Factor Sales’ delight

Pearson Ham Director, Ben Martin, said: “We are delighted that Niterra UK has upgraded to the Tableau system within Factor Sales. It is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, so to have the trust of such a renowned organisation is a fantastic coup for us, and it illustrates the trust and faith that businesses are placing in us to help shape their decision making – based on data.”

It is more important than ever that manufacturers, suppliers and motor factors alike make use of data, as well as identify and respond to industry trends, in what is becoming an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

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