Exol Lubricants’ Athena Super Syngear 75W-90 oil has been granted a new Scania approval to the specification STO 1:1G.

Scania recently introduced a new performance level, STO 1:1 G, for gearboxes and it has now confirmed that Exol’s Athena Super Syngear 75W-90 meets the requirements, so it will be added to its internal lists. The product will remain on the STO 2:0 A FS list for axles.

Athena Super Syngear 75W-90 is a fully synthetic, heavy duty, multipurpose, long-life commercial gear oil meeting the requirement of both API GL-5 and MT-1. It is manufactured from highly refined synthetic polyalphaolefin base stocks, combined with a new powerful state-of-the art additive and a highly shear stable viscosity modifier.

Exol’s new Scania-approved oil is recommended for highly stressed manual gearboxes, heavily loaded axle drives and synchronised or non-synchronised transmissions, where an oil meeting one of the specifications of this grade is called for. This grade is also suitable for use in DAF, Renault and Iveco applications.