• Eurorepar Car Service has launched an online Customer Service Training course for members of the network
  • The training is split into seven modules and covers the entire customer journey
  • Course content is delivered in an online video format for flexible and convenient learning

 Eurorepar Car Service is helping garages to bolster their customer service with an all-new Customer Service Training course exclusively for members of the network.

The course is aimed at developing members’ communication skills and their ability to effectively manage customer relationships. Eurorepar believes these skills are vital to the future success of aftermarket repair businesses and expects the course to give members an edge over the competition.

The course can be accessed online, via the Stellantis Performance Academy, by members of the Eurorepar Car Service network and is split into seven video modules. Each video covers a different stage of the customer journey, from Managing appointments and preparing for the customer, to Building long-term trust and reconnecting with customers.

Other modules on the course include Welcoming the customer & inspection of the vehicle, Explanation of planned work & timely communication, and Customer handover & explanation of invoice.

Nick Taylor, Head of Network & Business Development at Eurorepar Car Service, said: “Customer service is king in the motor trade, and it is often the difference between retaining a customer and losing them to someone else. Throughout the customer journey there are a number of touchpoints where the relationship can break down, but applying some best practice techniques can turn those awkward confrontations into rewarding interactions.

“The Customer Service Training course is all about equipping our members to not only win more business, but to retain it and keep moving forward. I encourage all our members to take the online course and brush up on their skills. The course can be taken at your own pace and is split into short modules to make the content easier to digest and learn”.