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On a humid day in India, Ambi Singh’s vehicle sputtered to a stop in the middle of nowhere. As the sun cast long shadows, he found himself at a franchised dealership garage. There, he encountered a technician whose expertise was nothing short of wizardry. Watching the mechanic, a thought struck him: “Why isn’t this talent in the UK, working in my garage?”

The dilemma of talent shortage in the UK’s garage sector is not new. The aisles of trade shows, corners of coffee shops, and discussions at industry conferences all echo concerns about the diminishing pool of skilled technicians. For Ambi, associated with the award-winning Binley Woods Service Centres, that day in India was about more than just identifying the problem—it was about finding a solution.

Upon his return to the UK, fuelled by that experience and by industry concerns, Ambi began his research. His eureka moment came upon discovering a government initiative allowing businesses to sponsor overseas skilled workers, thus introducing them to the UK’s automotive arena. With this, Ambi did more than just fulfil his own garage’s talent pool; he identified an opportunity to benefit the entire industry.

Enter Easy2recruit: A venture stemming from Ambi’s personal journey and the broader industry needs. It promises to connect UK garages with a treasure trove of international talent, turning the narrative of a skills shortage into history.

But Ambi’s vision goes beyond mere recruitment. It’s a movement. He invites garages across the UK to look beyond local talent, to envision a global stage where the best technicians enhance service standards, boost productivity and create a happy workforce.

Ambi concludes: “We pride ourselves on being independent, and so do our colleagues. To sustain this, the industry must adapt and recognise the non-traditional avenues for top talent. Our goal is to provide a sustainable environment for both our staff and customers. Easy2recruit can help independent garages achieve this by sourcing the best talent for their businesses from UAE, India and beyond.”

As another day draws to a close, the industry stands poised for change. With ventures like Easy2recruit, the narrative is evolving, and the future shines bright. It’s astonishing to think that sometimes, all it takes is a car breakdown in a distant land to redirect the path of an entire industry.

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