Diamondbrite® announce the launch of Ceramic Performance Paint Protection; a brand new, state-of-the-art product that builds upon the good things the firm’s renowned and award-winning Paint Protection is known for and takes them to the next level and beyond. An awful lot has changed in the motor industry over the 29 years since, but one thing has remained constant; Diamondbrite® is still the nation’s number one choice for Paint and Interior Protection products.

Ceramic Performance Paint Protection improves upon the original across the board. Not only does its new simpler single-stage application process make it much more user-friendly from the dealerships’ point of view, its new formula produces an ultra-hard, permanent and highly-hydrophobic coating that out-performs all others on the market, giving treated surfaces simply unrivalled levels of gloss, protection and durability.

This ultra-hard protective coating makes for a car that can not only laugh off the worst the environment and the road has to throw at it in daily use but one that’ll also look showroom-fresh year after year with only regular routine maintenance required – with no need for the customer to ever polish their paintwork!

In fact, Ceramic Performance Protection leaves paintwork with such a hydrophobic coating that it gives surfaces ‘self-cleaning’ properties. Put simply, water, dust and dirt just slide off!

Modern automotive paint is water-based and highly prone to fading and oxidisation. If not protected it is susceptible to attack from the sun’s UV rays, abrasive dirt and grime, road salt, acid rain, insect marks and bird lime. Over time, these contaminants deteriorate the paintwork causing it to lose its gloss and smoothness, ageing the car and reducing its value.

Ceramic Performance Paint Protection’s cutting-edge cross-linking formula strengthens and increases the hardness of the car’s lacquer to protect against these harmful contaminants, keeping them away from the paint surface itself to prevent damage while also keeping UV rays that cause colour fading at bay.

Couple that incredible protection with outstanding, never-before-seen levels of hydrophobicity and the aforementioned more user-friendly, single-stage application process and it’s no wonder that everyone who’s been involved in the extensive testing of new Ceramic Performance Protection can’t stop raving about it!

To top it off, Diamondbrite® is so confident in the abilities of its new Ceramic Performance Paint Protection that it offers the customer Lifetime Guarantee, a guarantee that covers paint fading, the loss of its gloss finish and even against bird lime damage (if washed off as soon as possible).

It’s the same story with its new and improved Fabric and Leather Protection products too. Both, also professionally-applied prior to sale, prevent dirt, spills and stains from penetrating the material in question, making for easy cleaning and preserving the texture and feel of fabric and carpets and the suppleness of leather. Dirt and spills can simply be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning product such as its multi award-winning Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner.

Once again, Diamondbrite® is happy to put its money where its mouth is. The Fabric and Leather Protection are both also covered by its Lifetime Guarantee, shielding staining from water, coffee, soft drinks and milk.

Protecting a vehicle with Diamondbrite® Ceramic Performance Protection is the best thing anyone can do if they want to guarantee their new vehicle (and considerable investment) is protected against harmful contaminants that will harm its appearance, as well as making sure it will look great year on year – factors that of course also ensure its resale value is nicely protected too.

Just like the original all those years ago, Diamondbrite® Ceramic Performance Protection has been specially developed at parent company Jewelultra’s dedicated 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility in Loughborough, Leicestershire.