DENSO’s humanitarian initiative to support Ukrainian society by making a meaningful and practical donation to the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency and Red Cross), continues to bear fruit.

During the first year of its war on Ukraine, Russia targeted and destroyed much of the country’s vital civilian infrastructure, particularly the electricity power supply. Despite the fact that the general situation has recently become much better, there are still many places where people continue to suffer from power shortages or complete outages, especially in liberated areas and close to the frontline. In addition, the enemy also continues to randomly strike critical infrastructure facilities in several cities.

That’s why DENSO, with the support of its Ukrainian distributors, has been working on implementing the initiative to deliver fifty powerful Bluetti AC200 max (2048Wh) and EcoFlow Delta Pro (3600Wh) power stations, to socially significant facilities such as hospitals and schools, where they can assist as many people as possible.

These power stations are sophisticated battery packs that can be quickly charged when the normal power supply is available, or from another source such as an electrical generator, but then instantly supply their stored energy, at mains voltage alternating current, the moment it is needed. They therefore provide an immediate and potentially lifesaving solution to a power outage.

DENSO supplied power stations already delivered by its distributors to Dnipro Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, the local department of a national military medical clinical centre in Zaporizhia, municipal hospitals in Valki, Slovyansk and Barvinkove, as well as the Kyiv Institute of Traumatology, where they are used to support the continuous supply of power for medical equipment in the surgery, therapeutic and neurological departments and in laboratories.

Three power stations were also delivered to the regional hospital in Mykolaiv, which accepts many wounded soldiers and civilians from Kherson and Mykolaiv. Together, these and other power stations, help solve the power outage problem caused by constant shelling and ensure the smooth operation of intensive care units.

To ensure the correct operation of heating boiler pumps and lighting for classrooms, the units were also donated to a number of children’s institutions like schools and preschools in the Kremydov Odesa region, including preschool educational institution “Yasla-Sadok” in Odesa and a boarding school for children with developmental disabilities in Bila Cerkva, Kyiv region.

This is not the end of the story as DENSO will continue with this humanitarian project and will not forget the people of Ukraine while they face such ongoing hardship.

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