Davanti Tyres, one of the UK’s leading mid-range tyre brands, has developed and launched its first track tyre, the Protoura Race. The latest addition to Davanti’s performance tyre range has been engineered to win, designed to provide unbeatable capability on the track.

Its semi-slick tread design provides a combination of excellent dry grip and control in the wet without compromising speed, making it a successful formula to outpace the ordinary. Key features of Davanti’s first-ever track tyre which provide drivers with the power and handling to achieve podium results include:

  • Directional tread pattern to provide superior control in wet weather conditions.
  • Enhanced carcass strength to provide direct feedback to the driver and control under
    high cornering forces experienced on racetracks.
  • New compound with added grip for greater braking and acceleration power.
  • Semi-slick tread design allows the tyre to be driven from the track to the road.

After succeeding in some of the most demanding, controlled testing scenarios to ensure the tyre was capable of delivering the pace and agility needed on track, the Protoura Race was also put through its paces in Spain at the Applus IDIADA testing grounds and Calafat Circuit, as well as the UK’s Formula One venue, Silverstone.

At the Applus IDIADA testing ground the tyre was put through a series of wet and dry handling and braking tests to ensure the tyres performed at the top of their class. As well as varying tests, the tyre was also proved in different vehicles including a Golf GTI TCR race car – for on track testing – and a series of fast road cars including the latest model Golf GTI, to determine on road performance.

Meanwhile, at the Calafat Circuit – using a full race version Golf GTI TCR – Protoura Race’s consistency and performance levels were assessed through varying heat ranges. The tyre was heated and cooled repeatedly over several sessions to determine its suitability for racing and transitioning from the road to the track and back to the road, showing excellent durability.

Back on UK soil at the iconic Silverstone circuit, the Protoura Race was used in a Track Testing Session on the GP circuit to compare the tyres against competitors. Using the professional TSL timing and qualification standings, it was possible to benchmark the advantage of using Protoura Race against similar cars and through other drivers giving further validation to the results and test process.

Ray Collier, Managing Director and Chief Engineer of TREAD, the independent testing organisation that tested the new tyre with Davanti, added: “The result of this stringent testing is a tyre that is best in class for consistency, reliability and speed. It has been tuned for progressive handling to give drivers ultimate control, and the ability to withstand changes in temperatures while performing consistently without substantial wearing, allowing the tyre to be driven on from the track to the road repeatedly.”

Although predominantly designed for the track, Protoura Race also has road legal status, making journeying to and from the track easy.

Davanti Tyres’ General Manager Peter Cross comments: “It’s an exciting time for Davanti Tyres as we launch our first ever track tyre, Protoura Race. Now we have a semi-slick track tyre, our performance range offers more options for our specialist retailers and motorists.

“The testing we’ve undertaken with Protoura Race cannot be understated and is something we are incredibly proud of. From the IDIADA facilities in Spain to iconic motor racing circuits such as Silverstone and Spain’s Calafat Circuit, the Protoura Race has proved its capabilities in tricky conditions and challenging apexes. It’s thanks to our rigorous development process we can offer a tyre that is genuinely engineered to win.”

The tyre will be available in sizes 13” to 18”.

Please find more information on the Protoura Race tyre here.