• Sparco® for the new supercar conceived in the Motor Valley factory
  • From PRIME H8 belts to seats: the made in Italy of the Turin racing department

The passion for racing and the know-how of the Italian Motor Valley find their highest expression in the partnership between two historic brands: Sparco® and Dallara. The Dallara EXP outfitting is an opportunity to enhance the high-end products which are an expression of the two companies. From Varano de’ Melegari (Parma) to Volpiano (Turin) the route that gives us an experiential car is completed – EXP precisely as EXPerience, EXPeriment, EXPonential, EXPertise – conceived from the transformation of its Street version and enhanced by the Sparco® outfitting. In fact, the structural ribs, the bodies, the seat upholstery, the headrests, the fire extinguishers and the PRIME H8 belts, rigorously Made in Italy, have come out of the Sparco® proto racing department.

“Sparco’s collaboration with Dallara is something natural – reveals Niccolò Bellazzini, Sparco® brand manager – an important line runs from Piedmont to Emilia-Romagna, connecting the beating hearts of the Motor Valley which, for us, coincides with the Italian Valley. Passion, style and value represented by high-end technical products and safety, to offer the pleasure of sportiness at maximum performance, wearing an Italian design”.

Below is the list of Sparco equipment for Dallara:


  • Padding made with shock absorber in compliance with FIA standard 8862-2009
  • Upholstery with fireproof fabric and water-resistant treatment
  • Integration of the headrest cushion inside the cover


  • Carbon fiber monocoque
  • Upholstery with fireproof fabric and water-resistant treatment
  • Integration of the shock absorber on the body in the shoulder restraint area for better driver comfort
  • Pads and cushions with “hook-and-loop” fixing element in order to customize the seat according to the driver’s needs

PRIME H8 belt

  • 6-point seat belt FIA 8853-2016 approved
  • Buckle clasp by means of micro steel cams
  • 6 adjusters, one for each belt branch
  • Tight seams of the ribbons for a smaller footprint
  • Light ribbon on the fixed ends of the belts

FIA8865 approved extinguishing system

  • FIA 8865-2015 approved electric system
  • ECE approved stainless steel tank
  • CNC nozzles manufactured from aluminium blocks
  • Electric trigger
  • NOVEC extinguisher agent

Structural ribs

  • Carbon fiber chassis structural supports
  • Integration to the chassis for assistance with car side crashes
  • Accessory function of anchoring car systems, aerodynamic bottom and body lifting
  • Side support function for driver’s car entry.