Worried about being caught with a flat battery or tyre? Panic no more! Machine Mart sell two handy portable units that can both start batteries and inflate tyres.

The Clarke Jumpstart 910 provides vital standby or emergency power for the home, vehicle, business or boat. With it’s built in air compressor it is also ideal for general leisure use. Take this compact multi-purpose energy pack anywhere to provide instant starting, lighting, or power for many everyday small appliances. You can also use this jumpstart for inflating tyres, footballs, dinghies, air beds, etc.

Available here: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/jump-start-910-cw-12v-compressor/

The Clarke JS1100C Jumpstart is a portable 12V power pack that will provide standby or emergency power to start vehicles with up to 3litre engine capacity. It has an Inbuilt compressor for inflating tyres or leisure products such as air beds, dinghies etc

This Jumpstart also has an integrated light; ideal for emergency repairs/starting. Additional outputs include two 12V dc accessory sockets (cigarette lighter type) and a 5V USB connector allowing the unit to power a wide range of portable equipment such as mobile phones, laptops etc.

Available here: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-jumpstart-1100c-with-compressor/