The new Clarke CBBT1 is a must-have, affordable and extremely useful gadget for anyone looking to keep a watchful eye on their car’s health, allowing users to monitor key battery-related information on their mobile phone via the app which is downloadable from both the Apple store and Google Play store.

Helpfully, the app supports multi-device connection, allowing up to 4 devices to be monitored at the same time.

Battery Monitor/Tester

The CBBT1 monitors a range of information from your car battery, allowing you to see battery power, voltage and temperature on your phone. It will even send you an alarm notification if the battery is abnormal.

On top of that, the CBBT1 records the track, cost and driving habits of each trip you take, which can then be exported to an Excel file for your records or budgeting etc.

It can store historical data (voltage, charge percentage and temperature) in the device for up to 30 days, saving the data every 2 minutes. You can save unlimited historical data within the app.

Vehicle Locator

Always forgetting where you parked your car after shopping? Don’t worry! The CBBT1 records the last known parking position automatically and then provides a car finder function through the app.

Click “Find Car” on the home page and the app will show both your current mobile location, and the last recorded position of your vehicle, plus the distance to it in feet. However, please note, this is not a live tracking function.

The CBBT1 is compatible with 12V Lead Acid Batteries: WET, MF, EFB, AGM, GEL, VRLA, Lead Calcium, SLA, 12V LiFePO4

This fantastic, multi-purpose gadget is available from Machine Mart stores, and, for just £28.79 inc VAT.